Pre-Adjustment Recommendations

Dr. Eli’s Recommendations to Get
“The Most Benefit”
Out of Every Spinal Adjustment

1. Drink sufficient water (at least 30 minutes ahead of time) – Proper hydration makes muscles, tendons, and ligaments more pliable.

2. Use glucosamine regularly – Glucosamine aids in keeping spinal connective tissues flexible and healthy (e.g. disc, ligaments, and tendons). It also aids in joint health and reduces some arthritic symptoms.

3. Use a foam roll to stretch out your upper back for 2 minutes before your spinal adjustment (if not daily!) – This will reduce tenderness during your spinal adjustment. Also, your upper back curve is your largest spinal curve. If it is stiff and non-adaptive, the rest of your spine above and below it will have a hard time adapting. This is because the spine is one large “kinetic” chain (e.g. It all works together!).

4. Spend 7 minutes on the wobble chair before your adjustment – The middle of the 23 cartilage pads or discs (“flexible spacers”) in your spine begin to stiffen at the age of 13. The motion produced by a wobble chair is specifically designed to liquefy those “jelly centers” to make the disc and the spine more flexible. This will decrease the stress you feel in your back during spinal adjustments and your daily life activities. Movement will also aid in keeping your disc healthy, which means less herniated discs and less disc degeneration over time!

5. Most Importantly…. Definitely follow through with your care! – “Specific” treatment plans are given to you for an important reason. They are based on the doctor’s prior experiences with your condition and with you. Be sure to follow the plan designed specifically for you, and your chances for the best outcome will significantly increase.

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